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Robert Banghart


Thanks for the update. This is just the kind of transparency and information flow that we end users need to have in order to stay the course during these .* releases whereas not knowing the road map and priorities is demoralizing.

Keep up the good work - and the information flow. We'll keep up with the input from our end.


This is great! It is really nice from my point of view to know the what & why of changes from one version to the next. For me (and I would guess many others), this insight into why certain features/fixes did not make the release is REALLY important. It helps me understand what you are doing and focusing on for a particular release, and keeps me from thinking "they didn't fix problem x, so they don't really care about what I have said".

As a suggestion, I would suggest that you post this (and future posts like this) in the Attensa forums as a pinned item. That way, if someone does not subscribe to your blog, or is not watching your blog daily - I know, that would never happen :) - then they would be able to easily find this information.



Scott Niesen

Eric - great idea. Done.

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