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Attensa is focusing on solving one of the most vexing problems of the Information Age: Information Overload.

The Internet, Broadband and Mobile communications mediums have brought incredible benefits to consumers, businesses and knowledge workers alike.

But like Pandora's Box, those gains come with an unexpected consequence: Information Overload.

It is so pervasive, so fundamental that it will eventually pose a clear and present danger to the Web 2.0 movement that we early adopters have come to love so much.

Attensa is working for all our common good.

So if you're Attensa's competition; or if you have a network of subscribers; if you're an analysts or the press... stop before you hastely write Attensa's obituary...

...they just might have the solution that makes your content, your network, or your marketing efforts more relevant -- and your businesses more profitable.

Scott Niesen

Thanks Scott for the vote of confidence.

The other Scott

Bill French


I appreciate the situation you're in - RSS readers are in a race to the bottom of the commoditization barrel; Microsoft looms over the land with a plethora of [RSS] ideas and strategies that may or may not work, and Outlook continues to get a roto-tilling once every two years that keeps us all off-balance.

However, Attensa has a chance to carve out a "blue ocean" strategy (ref - the book Blue Ocean Strategies).

I really haven't followed the Attensa story as closely as I should, but I suspect the attention stream idea is both good and likely to be the catalyst that will make your competition irrelevant.

Having said that, you might not want to create blog posts whose titles suggest you are likely to be declared "dead", soon or ever. The mere suggestion validates that Attensa is (a) part of a dying [soon to be commoditized] market segment of RSS readers, and(b) a company that has no differentiating qualities from news readers in general and/or Newsgator in specific. I don't think either case is true, so why intimate that?

Another very minor criticism - statements like this...

"Attensa is working for all our common good."

... seem insincere (because they should be). I appreciate companies that are working hard for the free-market pressures that cause all of us to work hard. I want to buy products from a company that is interested in earning profits, because success typically correlates closely with customer satisfaction and business value.

Lastly, I like the mention of "Information Overload" - I think this is a serious issue that few enterprises ponder at a strategic level. In my view the opportunities to leverage RSS and secure blogsites in business settings are significant and will eventually improve operational efficiencies across all businesses. To that comment, the challenge is to focus on meeting business requirements.

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