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Sam Sethi


It's June and I was wondering where I cold trial version 1.5 I used Outlook 2007 beta 2, Mobile 5 and have been a heavy users of Attensa from the beginning. The Common RSS platform is now in Outlook and IE7. So really ken to move over my Attensa PST store to the common feeds list. Also keen to see if SLE and SSE have been implemented as part of the upgrade

Scott Niesen


We are working the kinks out of Attensa for Outlook 1.5 and will be releasing it this month. We're excited about the river of news view options. You can display articles based on AttentionStream analysis of your favorite feeds, based on intelligent predictive prioritization or by date.

1.5 supports the Common RSS Platform.

You are not alone in your request for SLE and SSE. It would be great to get a better understanding of your specific application so our devteam gets the user experience right.


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